France vs Poland Football history: Head-to-head before Qatar 2022 game

mbappe and lewy

The round of 16 of the Qatar 2022 World Cup will have unprecedented matchups, but there will be others that have a lot of background. That is what happens with this France vs Poland. Find out their head-to-head record ahead of this clash.

The Qatar 2022 World Cup is now in the round of 16, so one bad match can see any team out. This is why a top contender like France can’t relax against Poland even though they have a good record against them. Read more about the mutual relations between these countries.

France went through the first round without any problems, despite having one loss. This defeat against Tunisia came on Matchday 3 when they were already qualified. Another key factor for this result was that head coach Didier Deschamps rested most of the starters given their situation, meaning they will be ready to go.

Poland were the protagonists of a very exciting end. They went into their last match from first place, although they had to play against Argentina. The Poles lost 2-0, so they needed help from Saudi Arabia against Mexico, which ultimately secured them a place in this round thanks to a better goal difference than the Mexicans.

Head-to-head record of France vs Poland

This tournament gives the opportunity to play vs new opponents since it includes teams from every continent. That is why sometimes there are unusual matchups, but that won’t be the case here since they know each other well. The total of games played between France and Poland is 16. The French have an easy lead with eight wins, five draws and just three losses to the Polish.

Although it will be the first time they battle each other in over a decade, so for most players there isn’t any precedent. There are important exceptions in Poland since both the current captain Robert Lewandowski and their key goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny were part of that clash. In the defending champions there was a more complete renovation of the squad.

The highlighted game occurred a long time ago. It was exactly 40 years back in the past, though it was the most relevant one given it happened in a World Cup. Spain 1982 saw these squads playing each other for the third place, with Poland beating France 3-2.

The full list of games

1939   –   France 4-0 Poland     –      International Friendly

1960   –   Poland 2-2 France     –      International Friendly

1962   –   France 1-3 Poland     –      International Friendly

1966   –   France 2-1 Poland     –      UEFA European Championship

1967   –   Poland 1-4 France     –      UEFA European Championship

1974   –   Poland 0-2 France     –      International Friendly

1976   –   France 2-0 Poland     –      International Friendly

1982   –   Poland 3-2 France    –      FIFA World Cup

1982   –   France 0-4 Poland      –     International Friendly

1990   –   France 0-0 Poland      –     International Friendly

1991   –   Poland 1-5 France      –     International Friendly

1994   –   Poland 0-0 France      –     UEFA European Championship

1995   –   France 1-1 Poland      –     UEFA European Championship

2000   –   France 1-0 Poland      –     International Friendly

2004   –   France 0-0 Poland      –     International Friendly

2011   –   Poland 0-1 France      –     International Friendly

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