France: Fans sign desperate petition to replay World Cup 2022 final


Over 200,000 fans have signed an online petition asking FIFA to replay the FIFA World Cup final.

The word sore loser comes to mind when it comes to people or teams that just can’t accept they’ve lost. It happened in the 2018 Copa Libertadores final where River Plate beat Boca Juniors and Boca spent almost a year in TAS hearings trying to veto the final.

Now in France, it seems that the French also cannot accept that they lost the 2022 World Cup to Argentina. An online petition run by Mes Opinions has 201,000 signatures in the hope that the final will be replayed based on what are being called “referee errors”.

The petition also states that World Cup final referee Szymon Marciniak was “sold out” or recruited and that the final should be replayed based on these mistakes.

Argentina and France World Cup final

The World Cup final in Qatar between Argentina and France will go down in history as one of the best finals, a 3-3 match that saw Argentina lift their third World Cup trophy on penalty kicks. The game also cemented Lionel Messi’s legacy as possibly the greatest soccer player of all time.

French press has also made a claim that Argentina’s third goal should have been disallowed due to a pitch invasion by the Argentine substitutes on the bench who had stepped on the field. It is a common practice for players to be slightly on the field during key moments of some games and is not the first time it has happened.

If only we can get a petition signed to ban Salt Bae from future World Cups…

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