France controversy continues: Karim Benzema’s agent claims player was ready sooner


Karim Djaziri tweeted on Monday that his client was ready much sooner than was being reported and could have played a big role at the FIFA World Cup.

Everyone is a genius with the Monday papers, and that’s what Karim Benzema’s agent Karim Djaziri is trying to convince us. According to a spokesperson for the Real Madrid star, the striker was more than ready to play for France at the FIFA World Cup.

According to Djaziri, Benzema was ready to play for the national team already in the round of 16. Head coach Didier Deschamps decided to send him home before Benzema left the camp early in frustration.

“I consulted three specialists who confirm the diagnosis that Benzema could have been fit since the round of 16 to at least be on the bench!” Djaziri tweeted on Monday. Djaziri was strongly outspoken and critical of Didier Deschamps’ decisions.

Karim Benzema’s agent Karim Djaziri on Twitter tirade

Karim Benzema’s agent Karim Djaziri on Sunday continued the online defense of his client by tweeting, “A week after his departure, Benzema started running again… After four days of training, he played 30 minutes in a friendly for Real Madrid…. Keep on lying, the truth is coming.”

The reality is that without Karim Benzema, France still made it to the World Cup final and style wise was one of the best teams of the tournament with commanding victories along the way.  Kylian Mbappe won the Golden Boot with eight goals, and Olivier Giroud scored four goals.

France left their worst performance for the final being outworked by Argentina and going down 2-0 at halftime, nonetheless the French managed to tie the match twice and lose on penalty kicks.

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