England vs Senegal football history: Head-to-head before Qatar 2022 game


The round of 16 continues with a great game between two good teams. Although England are the favorites, Senegal will try to stun them. Check out their head-to-head record ahead of the Qatar 2022 game.

The knockout matches have already begun for the Qatar 2022 World Cup with some tight ends. England will be favorites on this occasion, but Senegal have shown they could be a threat. After all, they haven’t had such different results so far.

For the English, their unbeaten run in Group B has put them in a great position. The United States made it a bit difficult for them with a 0-0 draw, although they won the next two games with ease. With nine goals, they are joint top scorers with Spain.

Senegal had to fight a bit more given they reached their last match being forced to win. That 2-1 they got over Ecuador qualified them in the second place of group A, but they played well enough in this tournament to pressure any rival. Now they will have to perform at their best since this will be their toughest challenge in the schedule.

Head-to-head record of England vs Senegal

England are one of the most traditional participants in the World Cup. They won the title once, but they are a big part in the sports history. That could mean they played against everybody, although that is not the case when it comes to Senegal.

This will be the first game ever featuring these national teams. The English and the Senegalese have never faced each other in official competitions nor international friendly games. So it will be new for both trying to figure out this clash the best way.

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