England vs France football history: Head-to-head before Qatar 2022 game

france vs england

The quarterfinals will have a match that can’t be missed between two excellent teams that got to Qatar with the title on their minds. This England vs France also has a lot of history to talk about. Find out their head-to-head before their game in the 2022 World Cup.

There have been thrilling matches since the start of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Some upset wins have added a lot of uncertainty, but when it comes to stars on the field, no other game has had that level yet. This clash between England and France promises to be thrilling until the end.

The journey was relatively easy for the English. They won their group over the United States, Iran and Wales with no problems, although they repeated it in the round of 16. The match they played against Senegal could have been a bit more even, but the English were beaten 3-0. win.

France also had a trip where they were not under much stress. They lost to Tunisia in a game that didn’t matter to them because they were already qualified, although the French were the best team when they used their starters. They beat Poland in the round of 16 with a 3-1 victory, showing how much better they are than the other teams.

Head-to-head record of England vs France

These countries that are near each other geographically also have a good rivalry there. Being important national teams in the world, it’s no surprise they played 31 games against each other. That stat has England with 17 winsfive ties, and there are nine victories for France. Although there is something particular about that record.

Most of the English wins came a long time ago. They won six times before 1930 and they had 10 victories ahead of 1950. That means the history has been more even lately. In fact, England beat the French just once in their last eight meetings.

But they have been better at the World Cup level. These nations faced twice in this tournament, with two wins for the English. One was a 2-0 in the championship they hosted in 1966. The other one was a 3-1 over France that happened in Spain 1982.

Last 15 England vs France

1966 – England 2-0 France – FIFA World Cup

1969 – England 5-0 France – International Friendly

1982 – England 3-1 France – FIFA World Cup

1984 – France 2-0 England – International Friendly

1992 – England 2-0 France – International Friendly

1992 – France 0-0 England – UEFA European Championship

1997 – France 0-1 England – Tournoi de France

1999 – England 0-2 France – International Friendly

2000 – France 1-1 England – International Friendly

2004 – France 2-1 England – UEFA European Championship

2008 – France 1-0 England – International Friendly

2010 – England 1-2 France – International Friendly

2012 – France 1-1 England – UEFA European Championship

2015 – England 2-0 France – International Friendly

2017 – France 3-2 England – International Friendly

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