Cristiano Ronaldo’s salary at Al Nassr: How much he Earn per hour, day, week, month, and year


The Portuguese star left Manchester United following some disagreements, but he now has a new club in Saudi Arabia. Of course, Al Nassr signed Cristiano Ronaldo for an enormous amount of money. Find out how much he will make there per hour, day, week, month, and year.

The past month has been a rollercoaster on all levels for Cristiano Ronaldo. He was on the bench during the Qatar 2022 World Cup, but was embroiled in chaos before the tournament even started. The Portuguese then left Manchester United after an explosive interview to play at Al Nassr.

His performances were not at the peak as before. Ever since he left Juventus and returned to the UK, Ronaldo has not been able to be at his best. This led to controversy with head coach Erik ten Hag this year.

They got to the point where he had to leave the club. There was a lot of uncertainty about his future until a club from Saudi Arabia made a shocking offer for him. Even more surprising to most was that he embraced playing outside of football’s elite.

How much will Cristiano Ronaldo make?

For a move of this relevance to happen money has to be the key. Cristiano now leaves the best soccer league to never return, so the salary had to be extremely high. The deal he signed with Al Nassr expected to end in 2025 is for an estimated 75 million dollars per year, according to CBS Sports.

His salary should be the highest in the sport especially when adding potential fees for commercials off the field. It is more astonishing when it gets divided because it means he is about to make $6.250.000 per month. The figure could also be seen as $1.442.307 per week, $205.479 per day, or $8.561 per hour. If you are curious about how the math continues, he will get $142 per minute or $2.38 every second that goes by.

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