Brazil vs South Korea Football history: Head-to-head before Qatar 2022 game

brazil vs korea

Brazil and South Korea will meet in the round of 16 of this Qatar 2022 World Cup. The duel promises to be exciting, and to get to know the history of both better, here we tell you how many times they played against each other.

The round of 16 will have more than an interesting duel, where one of the contenders for the championship, Brazil, will face tough South Korea, who were one of the surprises of this World Cup by eliminating Uruguay.

The Brazilian team steadily progressed to the round of 16. After two wins against Serbia and Switzerland, they lost 1-0 to Cameroon in what was undoubtedly a historic result but also allowed them to finish top of the cluster. Now, of course, is the time to show why you are one of the candidates.

Their rivals are South Korea, who made one of the big surprises of this World Cup by advancing to the round of 16, missing out on Ghana and Uruguay. A superb 2-1 win against Portugal saw them stay second in the group as they converted more goals than the Uruguayans. Now they will try to provide an even bigger surprise.

Brazil and South Korea head-to-head

In all of history, these two rivals have met 7 times, all of them in international friendlies, so this is the first game in World Cups. Brazil are the dominators since they have won 6 times (the last one, 5-1 in June this year), while the Koreans only won 1 time (1-0 in March 1999).

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