Argentina vs Croatia Football history: Head-to-head before Qatar 2022 game

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The first of the Qatar 2022 semifinals will feature Argentina and Croatia, two historic teams in the competition. Here we tell you everything about the head-to-head of both teams.

Argentina and Croatia, two teams with a rich history, will play the first of the semi-finals of this FIFA World Cup, which promises to be a very intense match. Here we tell you all about the match between these two rivals.

It will be a very interesting duel not only because it is the semi-final of the World Cup and both are very good teams. In addition, both have a rich history. Croatia played for the first time in World Cup qualification in France 1998. Since then, they have participated in every World Cup, with the exception of South Africa 2010. They finished second in Russia 2018 and finished third in their first participation 24 years ago.

Argentina has a much longer history, although the truth is that the Argentinians have been competing since 1930, while the Croatians have been competing since 1998. However, the team boasts two world championships and five runners-up, in addition to being the country of origin of great players such as Maradona, Di Stefano and Lionel Messi.

Argentina and Croatia head-to-head

Throughout history these two rivals have met 5 times. Their games in general have been as close as are the statistics: there are no dominators, there are two victories for each team and only one tie that occurred on June 4, 1994 in what was the first match between the two teams.

In the World Cups they met twice, both in the group phase, so this is the first time they have played a knockout phase. The first duel was in France 1998 with a 1-0 victory for Argentina, while the second was 20 years later in Russia 2018, on that occasion it was a 3-0 victory for Croatia.

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