Why Dani Alves considers Messi and Neymar geniuses of modern-football?


In a recent interview with Brazilian media outlet GE, former Paris Saint-Germain defender Dani Alves dissected the differences between his former teammates Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr. 

Alves has revealed what makes the two players different, and while Messi and Neymar have different qualities, the Brazil international classifies the duo as “geniuses of modern football”.

The veteran right-back went into detail about what Neymar can do, which he has not seen in any player during his career, given that PSG can do things at a pace that few can.

“Neymar is a genius,” Alves said (h/t ESPN Brazil). “He can see things at a speed that no one else can. This guy is different, not normal. It is not normal to see this or that.

“Only geniuses can do such things. I had the honor and pleasure of living together every day and witnessing these two geniuses of modern football, Ney and Messi.

Alves is one of the few players in football who can say he played with both Messi and Neymar when they were both in their prime, giving the former PSG defender a front-row view of their best form.

“I had the honor to live and see every day,” added Alves. “They are strange people, like geniuses from other fields. They have their own world, their own private world that you cannot enter. It is not allowed for you. You can’t get there.”

Messi and Neymar are teammates but will become rivals when the ball starts rolling at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar as both players compete to win the tournament for their country.

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