VIDEO: Lionel Messi shows off all his leadership skills in Argentina’s Copa America final speech


Lionel Messi gave a team speech for the ages in Argentina’s Copa America victory over Brazil.

Lionel Messi has long been considered quiet and off the pitch. On the field, many of his teammates noted his leadership skills in the teams he played for.

For Argentina, as pundits have long believed, Messi has at times seemed like a fish out of water, and when he was given the captain’s armband, it was seen as a gesture rather than a “smart” decision.

That changed over time and all the soft spoken stuff was put to rest with a video that emerged of Messi giving a team speech ahead of Argentina’s historic 1-0 win over Brazil in last year’s Copa America final.

Messi’s team speech for Argentina

For Lionel Messi, the 2021 Copa America victory was like taking a monkey off his back as the Argentine was able to win his first senior title with the Albiceleste. Moments before the final Messi gave a speech that was heard and cheered by his teammates.

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One of the main phrases from the speech was, “we have a beautiful group, and I enjoyed it very much. 45 days where we traveled, ate, and were locked up in hotels.

“45 days without seeing our families’ guys, 45, El Dibu (Emiliano Martinez) had a daughter and he couldn’t see her yet, couldn’t hold her in his arms… All for what? For this moment. Because we had a goal, and we’re close to achieving it.

“That’s why we’re going out on the pitch, and we’re going to raise the cup… So go out to the pitch confident and calm, we’ll take this cup home.”

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