Qatar 2022: Who could Senegal meet in the round of 16 in the FIFA World cup?


The action in group A is over and it is already known who is the qualifier for the round of 16. As expected, the Netherlands finished top after defeating hosts Qatar, while Senegal finished second after a 2-1 victory.

Before the start of the World Cup, the expectation was for the Netherlands to lead and Qatar to be eliminated, which eventually happened. It remains to be seen who will take second place and there were two clear contenders who faced each other last Matchday to make the group denouement even more tense.

Ecuador and Senegal had a tough match ahead of them and it was lived with such intensity. The Ecuadorians had a slight advantage as they had 4 points, one more than the Senegalese and a draw was enough to keep them in first place, while Senegal only needed a win. In the end, the score 2:1 qualified the Africans to the round of 16.

After the action in group A ended, the first two places were defined, which are the ones who will play the round of 16. Here we tell you who could be the rivals of Senegal, who finished second in the group.

Possible rivals

The rivals of Senegal will come out of group B, which is not yet defined but has a favorite to be the leader: England have 4 points and even a tie would be enough to be leaders, if the United States and Iran tie. In any case, they are favorites to win against Wales.

The interesting thing about this group B is that in reality the four teams have chances to be leaders, that’s why we will see the other three cases. USMNT need to win and England to lose. Same for Iran, a victory and a loss for England. Wales has it difficult, but not impossible: they need a draw between USMNT and the Iranians and beat the English by at least 4 goals, something that seems unlikely.

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