Qatar 2022: What happens if Portugal and Uruguay tie in the Group H game?


Now that Ghana has beaten South Korea, Group H will be wide open. So, what happens if Portugal and Uruguay tie in their game? We’ll break it down for you.

Portugal entered the FIFA World Cup as one of the biggest favorites to win it all. They certainly lived up to the hype in their first game against Ghana, beating them 3-2 in a game that could have been much more lopsided.

The Portuguese side led by Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes are currently at the top of the Group H table with 3 points. So win vs. Uruguay would send them into the knockout stages with six points regardless of what happens in the third leg.

Uruguay failed to beat South Korea on their debut. The goalless draw currently keeps them bottom of the table as the Koreans lost 3-2 to Ghana in their second match. So with Ghana also sitting on three points, what happens if Uruguay and Portugal draw their game?

Qatar 2022: What Happens If Uruguay And Portugal Tie In The Group H Game?

Well, this sure wouldn’t be the end of the world for Portugal. They’d still be at the top of the group and would need a draw vs. South Korea to move on to the next stage with five points. A win or even a loss to the Asians could also send them forward, depending on other results.

A tie would complicate things for the Uruguayans, though. Ghana needs a win to move on to the next stage, but even a tie could work in their favor if Portugal beat South Korea, as Portugal would have seven points, Ghana four points, Uruguay three points, and South Korea just 1 point.

Drawing vs. Portugal would force Uruguay to beat Ghana in the final game at all costs. But even that way, they could be eliminated if South Korea manages to beat Portugal in the final game, as there would be a three-way tie with four points.

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