Qatar 2022: What happens if Germany lose to Spain in the FIFA World Cup?


The Qatar 2022 World Cup is slowly starting to heat up. Matchday 2 brings several scenarios where teams could be eliminated. Find out what happens if Germany lose to Spain.

The group stage of the World Cup in Qatar 2022 brought a series of twists and turns that greatly complicated the projections. Argentina, for example, was on the brink of elimination against Mexico. So it is important to know what could happen if Germany loses to Spain.

One of the best contenders in this tournament is always the Germans. Their four World Cup titles confirm the history they have in the sport. Especially since they have been very consistent since the beginning of this nearly 100-year-old tournament.

Although their last participation was really bad. Although they won the title in Brazil 2014, the championship played in Russia four years ago had no mercy on them. On that occasion, they were eliminated after finishing last in the first round.

Will Germany be eliminated with a loss vs Spain?

Months ago when the draw took place there was a game marked on the calendar for soccer fans. At least for this first part of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, no other match created more expectation than Germany vs Spain. But that was even taken to another level after how things went in their openers. The Spaniards beat Costa Rica 7-0 in a score that went straight to the record books.

Although the Germans were stun by Japan in a contest they had under control. That 2-1 loss sent everybody to the calculators trying to figure out what they need to qualify to the round of 16. Mainly taking into account they are going up against the other powerful team in the group.

In case of a loss their faith would be determined by what happens earlier in the day. If Japan get a win or a tie with Costa Rica, Germany will be eliminated. The only hope they have in case they are beat by Spain is that Costa Rica had defeated Japan in the first game of the day.

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