Qatar 2022: What happens if Ecuador and Senegal tie in the FIFA World Cup?

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Ecuador and Senegal face off in a crucial game for their FIFA World Cup hopes in the final matchday of Group A at Qatar 2022. Find out what would happen if they tie.

The stakes will be very high in the Qatar 2022 group stage final. Matchday 2 left things open going into the final round as only three teams have secured a spot in the knockout stages so far. For example, Ecuador and Senegal will fight to stay alive in the FIFA World Cup.

La Tri have impressed in their first two games against the host nation and the Netherlands, but they still have their work cut out for them. The African team, on the other hand, wants to pick up where it left off.

For both, this is a crucial match in their World Cup aspirations. While a win would be enough to qualify for the round of 16, many are wondering what would happen if this game ended in a tie.

What would happen if Ecuador and Senegal draw in 2022 World Cup

A draw would be enough for Ecuador to qualify for the round of 16 in the 2022 World Cup. On the other hand, Senegal would need the Netherlands to lose by three goals – which seems unlikely.

Ahead of this round, the Dutch team leads Group A with 4 points (+2 GD), followed by Ecuador with 4 (+2 GD), while Senegal are 3rd with 3 (0 GD), and Qatar are bottom with 0 points (-4 GD).

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