Qatar 2022: Lionel Messi’s request to PSG that jeopardizes their relationship

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Qatar 2022 is probably the last FIFA World Cup for Lionel Messi. For this reason, the Argentinian striker made a request to PSG for the FIFA World Cup that jeopardizes their relationship.

Lionel Messi’s main goal this year is approaching. Qatar 2022 is less than three weeks away and the Argentine is already thinking about it, asking PSG for the World Cup, which threatens their relationship.

On November 22nd, Argentina will begin their journey through Qatar 2022. The Albiceleste is considered one of the best teams in the tournament and of course Lionel Messi is the biggest star of the team today.

Argentina are hoping for what Lionel Messi can do and he knows it. He has a lot of responsibility as a captain, so he tried to make a move to increase their chances of winning the next FIFA World Cup, but PSG does not want to agree with him.

Lionel Messi’s request to PSG that jeopardizes their relationship

Since Lionel Messi arrived to PSG, it was reported that the club made almost everything possible for him to join the club. Allegedly, he had some special benefits as he is one of the best players of the world and the team wanted him to be comfortable in Paris.

After a year with PSG, Messi is living one of the best moments in his career recently, but why? Well, he is motivated for the FIFA World Cup and wants to prove himself at Qatar 2022, so he is giving his best in every single match with his club.

But even though he is performing very well, he’s still set to show his best this November. The FIFA World Cup is the big missing trophy in Messi’s showcase, so it is his main objective this year.

For this reason, Lionel Messi made a request to Christophe Galtier, PSG’s coach. The Argentinian forward asked not be part of the squad starting this November 6 so he could be with his National team as soon as possible.

Messi has a clause in his PSG contract that Argentina’s National team is his priority. Unfortunately, the request didn’t proceed as FIFA rules say that they will start paying the clubs for each player that goes to the World Cup from November 9.

According to Andres Yossen, Argentinian journalist, Messi will be part of PSG’s squad that faces Auxerre in November 13. A day after, he is set to join Argentina’s National team, nine days before their first game at Qatar 2022 against Saudi Arabia.

Recently it was reported that the 35-year-old is set to leave the French team in winter, so this negative response by PSG could jeopardize even more their relationship.


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