Qatar 2022: Do yellow cards from group stage count in the knockout round?


The group stage finale of Qatar 2022 has arrived, with many teams battling it out for a place in the round of 16. Find out here whether the yellow cards continue counting in the knockout phase.

The Qatar 2022 group stage has been hugely exciting, but it will soon be over. Many teams have already punched their ticket to the round of 16, others had to return home. But should those who stay on the pace worry about yellow cards?

The World Cup is undoubtedly the most demanding tournament in football. Apart from gathering the strongest national teams, it leaves no room for error for all 32 participating countries.

There are only three games in the group stage to progress to the knockout stages, so any mistake could be costly. In addition, the tournament also has strict rules regarding fouls and cards.

Do yellow cards reset in the knockout stage of the 2022 World Cup?

Yellow cards from the group stage continue counting in the round of 16. The yellow card count doesn’t reset until the semifinals, which means that a player who was booked in the group stage could miss the semis if he sees a second yellow card in the quarterfinals.

However, once a team reaches the final four, the yellow card count goes back to zero, meaning that no player misses the third-place game or the final due to yellow card accumulation.

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