Qatar 2022: The secret behind the Hayya Card that makes the FIFA World Cup more enjoyable

world cup 2022

The Hayya Card is mandatory for every single fan that goes to the next FIFA World Cup, but there’s a hidden secret behind it that could make the experience at Qatar 2022 more enjoyable.

The FIFA World Cup is an exciting moment for any football fan and this year will certainly be no exception. For this tournament, assistants will need a special entry to the games: the Hayya Card. But while it seems like an unpleasant request, the secret behind making Qatar 2022 more enjoyable has now been revealed.

The laws in the next FIFA World Cup host country are very different from what fans are used to. They will have to follow them properly if they don’t want to get in trouble with the authorities and stay in Qatar 2022 for as long as they planned.

That’s when the Hayya card appears. This will be how the authorities will track everyone who attends the FIFA World Cup. It is mandatory for all fans to register and provide all their details to enjoy all games safely.

What is the Hayya Card?

The Hayya Card is the way FIFA is making all the fans to be under the radar for them. After Russia 2018, the organizers wanted to give a credential to all the attendants to make a safier tournament.

It is mandatory for every single fan that wants to enter the stadiums to have registered to get their Hayya Card and show it once they arrive, either in a physical or in a digital format.

Of course all the fans that bought a ticket for a game must have been registered to get their Hayya Card. It is useless to have an entrance and not the credential as you won’t be able to enter the stadiums.

Hayya Card’s new rules: The key to make your stay at Qatar 2022 more enjoyable

There are tons of rules regarding what not to do in the host country. The Hayya Card is the way in which FIFA tracks what the fans are doing and if they are following the rules, so if they do not comply with the laws, the credential will be disabled and there’s no way to recover it.

But not everything is bad for the fans. Now, the organizers have enabled a new rule that will help the fans enjoy more their stay at Qatar 2022 and be around their people.

The organizers know that it could be difficult for every fan to attend by their own and it could be a rough time for them being lonely. Now, FIFA has made it easier for them to be at the World Cup.

Each Hayya Card holder can now travel with up to three non-ticketholders. As said before, those persons could not enter the games, but can be registered with the one that will to be with the fan during his/her stay at Qatar 2022.

The persons must also follow all the rules and must pay a fee of QAR 500 to travel to the FIFA World Cup. To apply for this opportunity, you can click over here and enter all your information.

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