Qatar 2022: The hidden investment that could mean filling the World Cup Panini sticker album

WC 2022

Every four years, Panini releases a sticker album that every soccer fan must have: the FIFA World Cup one. But despite it could seem like an empty expense, it could also be a hidden investment no one is talking about.

One of the must-haves for any football fan is undoubtedly the Panini FIFA World Cup sticker album. Although the cost of fulfilling them is very high, it can mean a hidden investment for any owner all the time, and of course Qatar 2022 will not be left behind.

The FIFA World Cup sticker album is Panini’s best seller every four years. The company has others, but this is the one that creates a huge buzz for football fans, even those who are not so close to the sport.

But of course, it is not easy to fill food. It requires a lot of time, effort, and above all money. But even if one could keep a paycheck in it, over time it could mean a big investment for the collector.

FIFA World Cup Panini sticker album: Is it a good investment to make?

Since 1978, Panini has been the company that makes all the FIFA World Cup sticker albums. Of course they have changed through time, but they have always maintained the same essence, except the prices.

To collect the FIFA World Cup Panini sticker album is to leave a lot of money in it; from buying the packages to acquire those missing pieces that seem impossible to get from the envelopes.

The company has tried to keep some reasonable prices, but with the inflation rate is not possible. Soccer fans are aware of this situation and, despite is not the best for their economy, in a future it could be a huge investment.

In Russia 2018, a 100 pack box had a price of near $30. Nowadays, a 50 pack box costs $60. The inflation is notorious and not everyone can keep going with the collection, but some people are not even interested in having the sticker album in their shelves.

On eBay, there are some fans that are selling their albums from previous editions. If someone spent four years ago around $60 to complete Russia 2018 album, now the resellers are making a +$100 profit from it.

Of course it is not so easy to sell them and, as time goes by, it seems it could be tougher. But nowadays, some extra stickers are currently listed in over $500, as they are turning into the most special pieces thanks to the World Cup hype.

These albums are part of a collection, and the resellers are aware of it. During the FIFA World Cup, there are fans that do not have the money and are hoping to buy it in a future, so that’s where the hidden investment for those who did it on time comes up.

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