Qatar 2022: FIFA receives request to kick national team out of World Cup 2022

world cup 2022

Qatar 2022 will begin in a month, but now there’s a new controversial topic. A National team could not play it after FIFA received a request to kicked them out from the next World Cup.

On November 20, football will take over every television thanks to Qatar 2022. 32 teams are ready to play, but now the national team is in danger of not playing this tournament after FIFA received a request to kick them out of the next world Cup because of a very serious topic.

The groups are already formed and the 32 contestants will try to win one of the most important trophies in football. It will be a very tough competition where only one national team will be selected as the best in the world.

But lately there have been tons of controversial topics with FIFA and human rights. After excluding Russia from every competition, organizers have now received a request to kick the national team out of Qatar 2022.

FIFA receives request to kick out Iran from Qatar 2022

Iran is one of the 32 National teams that acquired a spot in Qatar 2022. They belong to Group B alongside Wales, United States and England, but they could be kicked out thanks to a request people made to FIFA.

Nowadays, Iran is living a tough moment. The death of the 23-year-old Mahsa Amini, who was detained by  Iran’s morality police for not wearing a headscarf correctly, has started unprecedented protests around the country.

Unfortunately, 200 Iranians, including 23 children, have been killed in the protests. Some people see this as the biggest threat to Islamic state since they took the power in 1979.

As said before, Russia was banned from all FIFA competitions due to the armed conflict with Ukraine. In this case, Iran has also been under the spotlight for sending weapons to Vladimir Putin’s forces.

After these situations, a group of Iranian soccer players in collaboration with women’s rights activist Alinejad Masih, sent a letter to FIFA requesting the remove of Iran from the World Cup.

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