Qatar 2022: Are FIFA World Cup tickets still available?

wc 2022

With less than 49 days to the FIFA World Cup, there is a big question still to answer for the fans: Are tickets available for the games to be played at Qatar 2022?

The next FIFA World Cup is heating up and participants are trying to get all the ticket information for each match. Here you will find all the details on how to get the latest ones for Qatar 2022 and if they are still available.

In November, the whole world stops for a month thanks to Qatar 2022. Some people stay home to watch all the games, but others choose to travel to the Asian country and live the full experience themselves.

Of course, it wasn’t entirely easy to get tickets for the next FIFA World Cup. People are already warming up to the upcoming games, but there are still some fans who are trying to get the last ones available.

Qatar 2022: Tickets availability for the next FIFA World Cup

There are some doubts surrounding ticket availability for Qatar 2022 with less than 49 days away from the tournament. The organization put 3 million tickets on sale since the beginning, but they haven’t been sold out yet.

Back in August, FIFA announced that over 2.45 million tickets were already sold and the Last Minute Sale would start in September. Around 500,000 seats were still available in this final opportunity for the fans.

As said before, the Last Minute Sale started on Tuesday, September 27 at noon in Doha, Qatar, i.e. 4:00 AM (CT). It was a First-Come First-Served procedure, so the fans needed to have all the documents required by the organization ready in order to reserve a place.

Five days away from the beginning of this last opportunity, there’s still, according to a message on FIFA’s websitetickets available for Qatar 2022, but it is uncertain the certain amount.

According to the rules for the Last Minute Sale, fans could reserve a spot only if they had all the requirements ready, including a credit card that could hold the amount of tickets to be purchased.

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