Neymar trial begins: Investment firm DIS wants the Brazilian and Rosell in jail


The trial involving NeymarBarcelona, and Brazilian investment firm DIS has begun this week, and the company are pushing for harsh punishments for the Paris Saint-Germain player and ex-Barcelona president Sandro Rosell.

While the DIS sits at the center of the investigation, it also includes Neymar, his father and mother, Rosell, Josep Maria Bartomeu, Barcelona, ​​Santos and former Santos president Odilio Rodriguez.

But what is the Neymar case all about?

The case revolves around DIS and their claim that Barcelona and Santos devised a plan to prevent them from receiving the full amount of money they were entitled to. According to DIS, they owned 40 percent of the player’s rights when he signed with them.

DIS accuses those involved of two crimes. The first is alleged corruption among private individuals. The two clubs are rumored to have reached a €40m deal in exchange for a guarantee from Neymar that he will not accept any further offers from other clubs.


The second accusation is one of fraud, where DIS alleges that contracts were fabricated to funnel payments. The first involves a friendly match which was said to have been valued at 4.5 million (a game which was eventually never played) and the other is a preferential option valued at 7.9 million for three players.

DIS understands that these are not realistic contracts and are in fact a disguised transfer payment of which they should also receive a share.

What the prosecution is asking for

For these two offences, the prosecution, which is also a party to the proceedings, is asking for the following: a two/three-year suspension and a fine of 10 million euros for Neymar, his father and his mother; along with five years in prison, a three year suspension and fine of 10m euros for Rosell; a fine of 8.4m euros for Barcelona and 1.4m euro fine for Santos and the company N&N, owned by Neymar‘s parents.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office is not asking for any form of punishment or penalty to be levied against Bartomeu.

Fines in the millions

DIS’ requests are similar to those of the prosecution in terms of prison and suspension sentences, although the amounts they are asking for in fines are much higher and approach 200 million per defendant.

Legal sources familiar with the case have told MARCA that the fines requested by DIS have little reasoning. Where DIS also differs from the prosecution is that they are demanding a prison and suspension sentence (five and six years respectively) for Bartomeu.

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