Lionel Messi’s camp denies rumors of an agreement with Barcelona

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After shocking reports that FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi have an agreement already for the Argentine superstar to return home, the most influential reporters when it comes to transfers and Barcelona or Messi news have weighed in.

The recurring message: Nothing stands in the way of a deal, at least not yet.

First, TyC Sports’ Gastón Edul said that Messi’s entourage is denying any deal and is only thinking about playing the FIFA World Cup and UEFA Champions League at the moment.

Fabrizio Romano, a well-known transfer reporter, said that “sources close to Lionel Messi insist he will decide his future in 2023, not now”.

Spanish radio announcer Alfredo Martínez said: “Messi’s future will be decided after the World Cup in Qatar. All options are open.”

And Helena Condis, who covers Barcelona for Spanish radio, echoed the same thoughts: “Leo Messi will decide his future after the World Cup… Right now there is no approach from Joan Laporta, no contacts, no offer.”

Everyone is repeating the message we’ve already heard that the GOAT of football is aware of the proposals but is simply focused on playing for club and country right now and doesn’t want to be distracted by talk of offers or contracts.

So, what about the previous messages? Do they know something that no one else does? Are they wrong? Jumping the gun? It’s too early to tell at this point.


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