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Lionel Messi on one of the things he hates the most

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The PSG superstar has a lot of skills on the soccer field but there is one thing off of it that he loathes.

Lionel Messi is a living legend on the football field, winner of 38 championships and records, including seven Ballon d’Or. Messi is now entering the end of his football career with one goal in mind: the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

In a recent interview with Star+ Latin America, the Rosario native stated that the 2022 World Cup will most likely be his last World Cup finals. Although he did not rule out playing another Copa America.

Still stressed, Messi told Argentine journalist Sebastián Vignola that of all the things he enjoys, there is one thing he just doesn’t like.

Messi hates to BBQ

Messi told Sebastián Vignolo that, “I hate to BBQ, I prefer to just join in… I have no patience for a BBQ, I have very little patience for the process”. Argentine “asados” as they are known is one of the most beloved social gatherings for families and friends in the soccer mad nation.

Lionel Messi (Instagram)
Lionel Messi (Instagram)

The process of an asado can take up as long as three to four hours to prepare. It is more of a social gathering than actual food intake, but various forms of meat, cheeses, bread, and vegetables are used to serve the dish in increments, so we get why Messi would find the process tedious.



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