Erling Haaland has plans during the 2022 World Cup


The biggest name to not be in Qatar will take time to reenergize for the remainder of the season.

Erling Haaland will not be at the 2022 World Cup, and this is criminal. Haaland is one of, if not, the best footballers in the world right now. The Manchester City forward has scored an amazing 22 goals in 15 games and is set to break many Premier League records this season.

With Haaland’s Norway unable to qualify for the 2022 World Cup as he will not be playing in the tournament, the goal is set to allow him some much-needed rest and relaxation.

Pep Guardiola knows how much Haaland looks after himself and expects his forward to return ready to help Manchester City win the Premier League and UEFA Champions League.

Where will Erling Haaland be during the World Cup

According to Guardiola, Haaland will be having his vacation at Marbella and some time in Norway as well. “(Haaland) has a house in Marbella and he will go there. He will play golf, hopefully not eat and drink too much and come back in great shape for the second half of the league.

“It’s the first time in our lives it’ll happen [a mid-season World Cup] so we don’t know how the players will come back. If you have six players who are world champions, they will be really positive. Others may be depressed. Or the guys knocked out might have more holidays.

“With this incredible schedule, you’ve seen how many players will miss the World Cup because of this insane calendar,” Pep stated.

When discussing Haaland, the manager stated, “Apart from that, his work ethic — (Haaland) is one of the first to arrive and is one of the last to leave. He takes care of his body perfectly.”

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