Money machine: The unbelievable revenue Lionel Messi helped Paris Saint-Germain make since 2021


The transfer of Lionel Messi to Paris Saint-Germain had an immediate and significant effect on the club’s reputation, revenue, and overall level of play. It has been said that the superstar generated an absurd amount of money in only a single year.

Lionel Messi is proving to be the biggest return on investment for Paris Saint Germain as the French side now appear to be reaping the benefits of the move. The summer of 2021 marked the beginning of the Argentine star’s career in France. He reluctantly left Barcelona at the time, unable to continue at the Camp Nou due to the team’s financial difficulties.

His first year in Paris was a rollercoaster ride for him. Despite winning the Ligue 1 championship under Mauricio Pochettino, they were knocked out of the UEFA Champions League last 16 after suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of Real Madrid. He also had a hard time adjusting to life in France.

However, the Argentine has reportedly agreed to terms that would see him earn an annual salary of around €50 million. As a result, the veteran forward was ordered to provide financial compensation.

How much has Lionel Messi made for Paris Saint-Germain in one year?

The Red-and-Blues have certainly enjoyed the benefits of Lionel Messi’s signing on the business side of things, despite the fact that his efforts on the field did not live up to the high standards that he often sets for himself. El Economista, a journal based in Argentina, estimates that Lionel Messi is responsible for almost €700 million in additional revenue for Paris Saint-Germain over the course of the last year. He helped them succeed in accomplishing this goal in a variety of different ways.

To begin, it has been reported in the British publication The Mirror that numerous new companies have come to the club as a direct consequence of the 35-year-old’s transfer. PSG have received financial support from a variety of businesses, including GOAT, Dior, Gorillas, Big Cola,, and Sports Water, amongst others. The new sponsorships are said to have contributed to a 13 percent boost in earnings for the French giants.

In addition, Spanish newspaper Marca reports that Parisians’ deals with Nike and Coca-Cola have been extended for another season. Meanwhile, the attacking virtuoso had a significant influence on the number of jerseys purchased.

According to Get Football News France, sixty percent of all Paris Saint-Germain jerseys sold are shirts with the name Lionel Messi emblazoned on them. In fact, it is believed that they sold more than one million replica jerseys all over the globe in 2021, which represents a 30-40 percent rise from the previous year.

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