Kylian Mbappe admits relationship with Neymar is ‘hot and cold’

neymar and mbappe

Kylian Mbappe has played down suggestions he does not see eye-to-eye with PSG teammate Neymar, but conceded that the pair’s relationship is ‘hot and cold’.

The pair were embroiled in controversy earlier this season when Neymar refused to pass a penalty to Mbappe, sparking rumors of a dressing room brawl and demands from the Frenchman that Neymar be sold immediately.

Regardless of what has been going on behind the scenes, the pair have shone on the pitch this season, both scoring seven Ligue 1 goals in just six games, and Mbappe and Neymar will now reignite their pursuit of Champions League glory against Juventus on Tuesday.

Ahead of this game, Mbappe admitted that he is not always Neymar’s best friend, but stressed that the pair’s relationship is built on mutual respect.

“To talk about Neymar, this is the sixth year, I think we’ve always had such a relationship based on respect,” Mbappe told reporters.

“But we’ve always had those moments where sometimes we’ve had moments that were a little bit cooler and times that were a little bit hotter. You’ll see there are times when we’re best friends and sometimes we don’t talk that much, that’s the nature of our relationship.

“But there is a lot of respect, I have a lot of respect for the player he is, the player he represents and the importance he has in our team.

“Then when you have two players with such strong character, life is not linear, it is certain that sometimes things happen, but it always remains in the respect and interest of PSG.”

Asked who will take the penalty against Juventus, Mbappe said: “We’ll see, we’ll see, it’s always a debate, we have to see how it goes during the game.

“I think we are not both closed [to discuss it]. If the match makes Neymar the one who takes the shot, it will be Neymar who takes the shot, if the match makes me the one who takes the shot, I will be the one who takes the shot, no problem. on that.

“Number one doesn’t mean you take all the penalties. I don’t think that exists at any club, especially when you play with three players like that.

“You have to know how to share the cake and feel, it’s a matter of feeling, and also know how to put water in the wine. We’ll see tomorrow, but that’s not a problem.”

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