Qatar 2022: Which is the total revenue budget for the next FIFA World Cup?


Soccer is still one of the sports that gets the mos amount of money year after year, but the peak arrives with each FIFA World Cup. Qatar 2022 won’t be the exception and here you will find the total revenue budget for the tournament.

There is no sport that sells like football. This discipline is still the leader in financial values ​​and everyone wants to be a part of it. Every four years, FIFA has its best moment with the World Cup, and Qatar 2022 will present the organization with a huge revenue budget to make a huge amount of money this year.

It is known that the World Cup is the biggest event for FIFA, so they try to sell all the assets they can to the best sponsors and partners. The organization is very selective about which companies they support and narrows down the volume of business so that they don’t have a lot behind it.

Every major company wants a cut of the tournament, but not everyone is allowed into the deal. For Qatar 2022, FIFA will have one of the largest revenue budgets ever, as expectations for this World Cup are huge and technology is having a great moment for fans to experience the competition as if they were in the host country.

FIFA’s revenue budget for Qatar 2022 in detail

FIFA will have a total revenue budget in 2022 for USD 4,666 million thanks to the next World Cup. Form the five core categories, television broadcasting rights remain as the biggest contributor with 56% overall share.

In this area, you will found in detail how much money will FIFA earn from each category. There will be USD 33 million left that are placed in other kind of income.

How much money will be payed to FIFA for television broadcasting rights in 2022?

The revenue budget for television broadcasting right is of USD 2,640 million. As said before, it is the largest contributor for FIFA as there are more companies nowadays to watch or live stream anywhere.

How much money will be payed to FIFA for marketing rights in 2022?

The revenue budget for marketing rights sales is of USD 1,353 million. For Qatar 2022, two Regional Supporter contracts were asigned in relation to the FIFA World Cup.

How much money will be payed to FIFA for licensing rights in 2022?

Regarding the licensing rights revenue budget, FIFA will earn a total of USD 140 million for 2022. Brand licensing is the main area as there has been a very positive development in royalty-based income payments.

How much money will be payed to FIFA for hospitality rights and ticket sales in 2022?

Obviously the tickets is an important topic for FIFA, but it is not the top in revenue budget. In this area, the organization will earn USD 500 million and it is solely sourced from Qatar 2022.

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