Messi, Neymar and even Mbappe get grounded with PSG’s new controversial rules

psg vs real madrid

Things have apparently changed in PSG as they are trying to be the best European team nowadays. The club is now grounding Messi, Neymar and even Mbappe with some new controversial rules to make them better players.

PSG is trying to become the team that means in Europe before and after this decade. But to become the best they have to think like that, which is why the controversial new rules will ground Lionel Messi, Neymar and even Kylian Mbappe if they get their minds off the track and off the pitch.

Paris-Saint Germain’s big missing trophy is known to be the UEFA Champions League. Despite bringing huge superstars to every tournament, the French team has failed to deliver in this competition and the board has had enough. This year they have a real intention to turn things around for them and finally bring the cup to their showcase.

There have been some changes during this last year that could make them believe that the Champions League trophy is close at hand. Not only did they fire Mauricio Pochettino and bring in Christophe Galtier as the new coach, they also made some adjustments in the boardroom to restructure the team from the ground up.

The new controversial rules in PSG’s locker room to finally succeed in Champions League

PSG has changed and the newest members of the team are trying to make an impact in the squad. That’s why they brought Luis Campos to be the sporting director and he immediately put some controversial rules to have a more competitive team.

According to L’Equipe, Campos now has the full confidence of the owners to do whatever they think is best for the team. Now the sports director has “grounded” the players because they can’t go out at night to avoid being distracted by parties.

The players are aware of the rules and are confident that it will change things. “If there are players who step out of line, they will be released. No player will be above the group,” Christophe Galtier said of the new measures.

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