Vinicius Junior has earned a superstar contract at Real Madrid


Vinicius already has star status and he has earned it. Four years after the player arrived as a promising 18-year-old, he has become an absolute star for Real Madrid.

In 10 days, the striker will return to Real Madrid to focus on the new season, but before that he will sign a new contract, which makes it clear that his role at Real Madrid has turned into a franchise player.

It will be a special day and that is what the team wants because they know that you are a player called to make a difference on the field and outside of sports and finance.

The directors of Real Madrid want the signing of the contract to be a showcase, as everything around the former Flamengo player is unique and unique. They believe Vinicius deserves recognition, which comes in the form of a contract renewal.

He has charisma, personality, and a complete commitment to Real Madrid. Circumstances mean that the role Kylian Mbappe would play was taken over by the Brazilian and this sounds natural.

The new contract makes it clear that you still have the status of a special and unique footballer, and that you will be among the highest-paid players on the team.

The Brazilian has come up with a new strategy for the club, to bring in less talent, and gambling has exceeded all expectations, as evidenced by the goal he scored in the UEFA Champions League final against Liverpool.

Carlo Ancelotti’s arrival on the bench changed his athletic career. From being interrogated and almost included in the transfer market, he has become a very important player for LaLiga Santander.

Vinicius has done so under the direction of the Italian and Karim Benzema at his side, his favorite and beloved actor in the role of French leader to everyone in the dressing room.

The new agreement is closed, finalized, and drafted. Although negotiations have taken a long time this season, no team has ever doubted it is over.

Florentino Perez and Jose Angel Sanchez are convinced that Vinicius’ best version is yet to come. They expect that in the years to come he will fight for the Ballon d’Or and other individual awards for the success of Real Madrid. These types of prizes are listed in the new contract.

The release rate for the new contract will be set at $ 1 billion, as Marca reported. There was no problem setting that number.

Vinicius gained the respect of everyone, his colleagues and rivals alike. Laughter has become a fear of what he can do with the ball at his feet and his appearance looks endless as we saw last season scoring 22 goals and 16 assistants.

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