Pep Guardiola praises Julián Álvarez: “He adapted to the team in two afternoons”


Pep Guardiola commented on Julián Álvarez in an interview for ESPN Argentina. Manchester City´s coach praised the young Argentine striker stating how well he adapted to the team.

Here’s what Guardiola had to say about the former River Plate man:

“The first thing I can say is that Julian and I were not wrong. We said he was a fantastic kid, and we proved it. He is an absolute team player, you can tell by the effort he puts in, and he can also score. It’s an extraordinary signing and hopefully he’ll be around for many years.

“He has already adapted. He only needed two afternoons. Good players don’t need time, good players adapt quickly, adapt, understand quickly. Football is universal. Who can play, can play. Who is a goalscorer is a goalscorer in both Argentina and England. Whoever is smart is smart in Argentina and here.”

When asked about the chances of Álvarez playing with another striker like Erling Haaland, Pep responded here:

“Yes, it can be refilled. If we play with very open wings, I can hardly see it. When we play with tighter wings, he can adapt. I have no doubt.”

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