New Juventus signing Angel Di Maria views the Serie A as next challenge in globetrotting career


Angel Di Maria has officially joined Juventus on a free transfer, departing from Paris Saint-Germain after seven seasons in Ligue 1.

Di Maria, 34, has won league titles with Benfica, Real Madrid, and Paris Saint-Germain, and has scored 14 goals and 21 assists in his seven UEFA Champions League campaigns against the French Bulls.

Over the past ten years, his 131 assistants in the top five European leagues have been followed by Thomas Muller (149 assistants) and Lionel Messi (174).

In Di Maria’s first interview as a Juventus player, he said coming to this historic club was something he had always been on his bucket list.

“It means everything, because I was in every country, in the best team, and I missed Italy,” he said.

“The best team in Italy is Juve, they are the biggest team and I was so excited, I really look forward to coming.

“I knew that last year Juve couldn’t win the Scudetto or the Coppa d’Italia, and I think the inspiration to come up with and be able to do everything with Juve was so wonderful, that’s why I said yes.

“For me it is a new step in my career … from then on I said yes, I saw you on the first day, everyone here is like family, they always take care of you. That makes me very happy.”

Asked what he could promise Juventus fans, Di Maria said he could assure him that his desire to win would never come.

“I think the only thing I can promise the fans is my effort,” he said. “My dedication, the idea of ​​wanting to win – and being able to earn as many degrees as possible.

“I will always leave everything on the field as I have always done that will never be lacking.

“I hope we can win all the titles and we will all be very happy.”

In Juventus’ first statement about the signing of the Argentine player, they called him “a world-class striker, capable of scoring special goals, but also able to connect all the front lines, often sending his team-mates to the goal.”

He concluded: “He is Angel Di Maria. And he is a Juventus player.”

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