Luka Modric opens up on pain of losing Sergio Ramos from Real Madrid

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As the 2020-21 season began, with a year left on Sergio Ramos’ contract, few contemplated the prospect of Real Madrid’s captain leaving. In all likelihood, neither did he.

Yet perhaps his greatness, his absolute determination, was exactly what led to his departure from Real Madrid as both sides failed to agree on a contract. Sergio Ramos ended up in Paris Saint-Germain and has endured a difficult year of injury since then.

His departure sounded popular with everyone at the club, rather than just him. Speaking to Sportske, Luka Modric described what it was like to lose Ramos inside and outside the stadium.

“Every player goes out with the people you spend years with, in a successful season, it hurts. For everyone. Nine years later, ‘Sergi’ is no more. From the first day he was close to me, he helped me get acquainted with Real Madrid, he encouraged me, he believed in my strength… ”

“We became close friends, our families came together, and we spent the summer together. We are still talking about those days, at least by messages. I miss going out with him, but things are like that in football. ”

Marca did an interview, in which he previously stated that the Real Madrid center was above all else, referring to Kylian Mbappe. That was true even of the myth of a club like Ramos though.

“Change is a normal part of everyday life, even for those who, like him, have conquered everything. As I said before, this is Real Madrid. It has been confirmed that even if we do not have one, the club will continue on its way to the lips. We are all passing, only Real Madrid is eternal. “

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