Julian alvarez presented as Manchester City player, speaks on joining the club


Julian Alvarez has been presented as a Manchester City player as he spoke about joining the club.

Álvarez finally donned the blue colors of Manchester when he spoke to the crowd on Sunday. The 22-year-old Argentine has joined Manchester City from River Plate after signing a five-and-a-half-year contract earlier this year.

The striker is the latest Argentine to join the club after legends such as Sergio Agüero and Pablo Zabaleta donned the shirt. He spoke in front of the crowd where it was also announced that he would be wearing the number 19 shirt. Here is what he had to say:

“Manchester City has a lot of history with the Argentines, but I came here to create my own history, my own path.

“In Argentina, we are used to interest from Europe. It is our dream to play there because they are the best leagues and clubs.

“City is one of the best clubs. so I was very excited (when I heard about the move). I have worked very hard and I am very excited to be here now.

“I can play in different positions. In the center or in the wings. I feel good playing close to the box because it helps me score goals, but I like assisting my teammates.

“I want to play and contribute. I want to win trophies, the Premier League, and the UEFA Champions League. I will do my best to adapt as soon as possible and contribute and play as soon as possible.

As for not wearing the number 9 shirt for City:

“For me, the number doesn’t matter. I just want to play my game and I don’t care what number I’m wearing.

“The number 19 is a number I like, it was my grandmother’s birthday.

“Erling is a great player, scores a lot of goals, and has been an important player at his other clubs.

“I can play in the middle and on the wings, I think I can be a good player here.”

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