Cristiano Ronaldo received a six-figure bonus before asking to leave Manchester United


Cristiano Ronaldo‘s future is, for the second straight summer, up in the air. Just one year after returning to Manchester United, he has asked to leave the club. But not before receiving a six-figure bonus.

Manchester United‘s failure to qualify for the UEFA Champions League has left a key player looking at other options, although the Premier League club are reluctant to sell it.

THE SUN has lamented that he received the bonus before announcing his departure and said it was not good for the team, according to sources close to Old Trafford.

“All contracts were renewed in early July, and then news emerged that he wanted to leave,” a source told The Star.

“He did nothing wrong, but some people do not think it was coincidental that he did not disclose his desire to leave early.”

It has been found that the payment was not a loyalty bonus, and he is not obliged to accept the amount to see the second year of his contract.

Instead, it has to do with photo rights and achieving some of his first season goals.

Although unconfirmed, a total of 900,000 euros was reported.

Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain are also linked, but the former have distanced themselves.

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