Barcelona would be the last resort for Cristiano Ronaldo?


Cristiano Ronaldo keen to leave Manchester United, the transfer market has come alive. While Ronaldo may be a useful addition to many clubs, there are actually a number of clubs that can match his professional and financial ambitions.

Nuno Luz, a Portuguese journalist and scholar, spoke to Radio MARCA to analyze Cristiano Ronaldo’s future away from Manchester United and away from Old Trafford.

“Cristiano [Ronaldo] is not happy at Manchester United and wants to leave, he wants to find a solution and we will see what happens,” said Luz.

“In football, if you are not happy in the area you try to look for a solution but it will not be easy.

“It will not be easy because it is not easy to find a place for Cristiano Ronaldo, there are not many clubs with financial terms to sign him.

“Real Madrid doesn’t want him and Barcelona could be the last resort. We have to look at the clubs [Jorge] Mendes has a lot of contacts with and we must not forget Atletico Madrid.

“It is still early in the morning. He’s training here in Lisbon right now, but we’ll see what happens.

“Cristiano will have to go where Mendes found a solution for him because there are not many clubs with that team.

“What may not be possible now in a week or so may not be so.”

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