Argentina on the court not to play against Brazil in the September World Cup qualifiers match

Brazil vs Argentina

It was not easy to move from one country to another during the Covid-19 period. The Premier League had restrictions, the team had different conditions. The condition was the countries that hosted the match. Argentina came to play in Brazil without fulfilling those conditions. Also went down to the field. But the match did not end.

Then the World Cup qualifiers 2022 are over. Without that match, Brazil-Argentina have easily secured a place in the World Cup 2022. But the FIFA match quota was not met. FIFA has instructed to hold the match in Brazil at the end of next September. But Argentina is not interested in playing that match now.

That is why the country’s football federation has been referred to the Supreme Sports Court (CAS). The decision on whether the Brazil-Argentina fight will be seen before the World Cup 2022 is now up to the court.

In September last year, English Premier League players goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez, defender Cristian Romero and midfielder Lo Celso came to Brazil to play a match without following the rules of the Corona Ministry of Health. The Albiceleste had to return without playing the rest of the match after playing for five minutes due to non-clearance from the Ministry of Health.

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