Al Rihla: Adidas Reveals the FIFA World Cup 2022 Ball

2022 world cup Qatar

The 2022 iteration of the FIFA World Cup is finally knocking at the door. Qatar is gearing up to host its first FIFA World Cup. Additionally, this is the first-ever World Cup in the Middle East. The peninsula country promises to host an event unlike any other.

The World Cup is going to kick off on upcoming November 21. Both FIFA and Qatar are frequently releasing details about the event to liven things up among fans. Recently they officially revealed the football for the tournament. This article contains details about the unveiled football. To discover more about FIFA World Cup Live Stream, be sure to read our other articles as well.

Al Rihla: The FIFA 2022 Official Football

The sportswear giant, Adidas revealed the official match ball for the 2022 World Cup. According to Surprise Sports, the official launch took place on March 30, 2022. The ball is named “Al Rihla”. In Arabic, “Al Rihla” translates to “The Journey”. Without a doubt, the name was inspired by Qatar’s culture, architecture, and other aspects.

This is the 14th successive ball created by Adidas for the FIFA World Cup. These two international organizations have worked together for over 70 years. Adidas is a major boot, ball, and technology development platform for FIFA and an integral part of the football organization’s history.

Design Inspirations and Features of Al Rihla

The official match ball design is largely influenced by the culture and architecture of the host country. It boasts a brand-new panel shape. The triangular sails of traditional dhow boats in Qatar inspired the panel shape. Each ball contains 20 panels in total. While the color scheme resembles the Qatar flag and traditional Arab white clothing.

The new match ball also features new technological improvements for better performance. The core design is titled “CRT Core”. It will improve the ball’s accuracy and consistency for better precision. It will also help the ball to float longer and spin more. Furthermore, the outer layer panels contain a special textured PU skin named “SPEEDSHELL”. The new and improved panels will increase its flight stability and swerve.

Additionally, it features surface debossing to maintain shape for long-lasting shape preservation. When designing the ball, the developers prioritized sustainability. Additionally, they used water-based inks and glues to color the vibrant outlook on the pearlescent background.

Semi-Automated Offside Technology

FIFA just showcased their latest offside detecting technology alongside the official match ball. They call it “Semi-Automated Offside Technology (SAOT)”. FIFA President Gianni Infantino revealed it to be an enhanced version of already existing “VAR” technology.

The “Al Rihla” ball is installed with a new suspension system inside. It especially holds an “Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)” sensor within. The sensor sends the ball’s inertial data at a 500MHz rate. Every stadium contains 12 dedicated cameras. These cameras monitor the position of the ball as well as the players. A specialized AI processes the data in real-time. Subsequently, it warns VAR referees anytime an offside occurs.

FIFA worked closely with private technology development organization KINEXON to build the technology. They’ve already done extensive testing and tuning on it several times. Both FIFA officials and Adidas have expressed satisfaction with SAOT’s competency.

Where to Get the Official FIFA 2022 Ball

Adidas revealed “Al Rihla” publicly on March 30, 2022. The official match ball is currently available to buy on their official website. There are numerous size, color, and style variations, such as Pro, Winter, Training, and Club. FIFA and Adidas are both launching several initiatives targeted at increasing local community access to and equity in sport.

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