Spain boss Luis Enrique points to France’s Nations League struggles as World Cup debate heats up


Luis Enrique cited the struggles of France in the Nations League as debates continue as to the strength of Spain’s World Cup credentials.

Spain will play their last Nations League match in this window on Sunday, at home to the Czech Republic, scoring just five points in three games.

A draw with Portugal and the Czech Republic preceded the 1-0 win over Switzerland.

Luis Enrique defended his team’s selection and football experience after the final win, and the Spanish coach went further when asked what the La Roja’s UEFA Nations League title in Qatar 2022 means.

“It’s not about what I understand or what I don’t understand. It’s about imagining things. No one is interested in any other Group A results,” he told reporters.

“If someone expects us to win every game it means they don’t know what modern football is.

“Look at the struggles of France, the world champions and the United Nations – we are no different. But we are a great team that can defeat any rival, that ‘s true.”

As for who is a World Cup favorite, Luis Enrique finds it harder to beat the two South American giants.

“I see Argentina above others and Brazil too, above others,” he added.

Alvaro Morata has also entered the special tribute to Luis Enrique, who believes the striker is the continent’s best defender.

“All the midfielders can play for nine. The strikers I brought in are not all able to play as a full-back,” he continued.

“Morata can. I will not compare players but in terms of defense no one can beat Morata in Europe. He is smart when it comes to stressful and physical situations without a doubt.

“On top of that with the ball he was very good, he lifted us up, we want the participants to know that they have an attacking team and another defensive team.

“And if they do not do the defensive work, we will not be able to unite.”

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