Sergio Busquets has not been asked to reduce salary by FC Barcelona


The number-crunching at Barcelona this summer can once again be heard for miles around Camp Nou, as the Catalan club works out alternative methods to sign good players for little financial impact.

Another route that has not been set is to ask older players to reduce their salaries. Last summer a few senior and high-paid veterans may reduce their salaries or agreed to delay their pay for declining seasons.

Speaking at a media briefing before the match against Spain, Switzerland, Sergio Busquets, insisted that everything he had heard was just speculation.

“I’ve heard people say a lot of things and when I come back from vacation, I don’t know what they’ll say to me. I would like them to tell me not to find me in any other way, but I am always open to help. ”

Busquets was one of those who cut his salary last season alongside Gerard Pique and Jordi Alba. He was adamant that even if he did go public with the matter, he would prefer to keep the matter confidential rather than leaked, according to Marca.

“They have not suggested anything to us and they have not said anything to us other than what you are hearing from [the media]. It is not the best decision you can make using the media, it is always best to do things directly and face to face. ”

Barcelona have been fortunate to be able to count a number of players who have grown up with the team and were willing to lend a hand where necessary last summer. If they try to take advantage of their good will, it may disrupt relationships between the team and the veterans.

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