Rodrygo: Neymar told me ‘I’m leaving the national team, the No.10 shirt is yours’

neymar and rodrgo

Five months before the start of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Real Madrid striker Rodrygo revealed an interview with Neymar in which the Brazilian star admitted he may not be wearing the national team shirt for too long and had already decided who would wear the number 10 Selecao behind him.

While talking to his teammates, the Paris Saint-Germain defender informed Rodrygo that he should wear No.10.

“Ney told me ‘I’m leaving the national team, number 10 is yours’,” Rodrygo said in an interview.

“I knew what to say to him, and I was embarrassed and laughed and couldn’t speak properly. I stuttered with emotion.

“Then I told him I would have to play for the national team for a long time, I have no intention of inheriting the number 10 spot now.

“How did you do it? Just simple, he just laughed.”

The talks between the two Brazilians could be the beginning of Neymar’s farewell to the Brazilian national team. The idea of ​​leaving the national team could be realized by mid-December, at the end of the World Cup.

A few months ago, Neymar had already spoken about how he felt about Brazil.

“It hurts a lot to live with the feeling that when the Selecao play, it doesn’t matter,” Neymar said.

“When I was a kid, a simple fan, the whole Brazilian game was a real event.”

Perhaps Neymar, with these statements, is already preparing the opening for the Brazilian national team youth.

Rodrygo, along with another Real Madrid player Vinicius, will undoubtedly be the heir to the PSG star.

First, however, they will all work together in Qatar to try to win the country’s first World Cup in 20 years.

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