Rodrygo admits Real Madrid wanted to ‘make fun of’ Mohamed Salah in Champions League final


Rodrygo has admitted that Mohamed Salah’s confidence heading into the UEFA Champions League final gave Real Madrid more motivation to win.

In preparation for the match, Salah spoke openly about having a point against Real Madrid after Liverpool lost to Los Blancos in 2018, but Jurgen Klopp’s men did not retaliate as they were beaten 1-0 due to a strike. from Vinicius Junior.

Salah has always argued that Liverpool deserved to win the game – a claim he had disputed over the statistics – but Rodrygo did not and has now admitted that the Egyptian words may have been postponed.

“When a guy annoys you, sometimes you just want to win to make fun of them,” he told Podpah. “In training, we used to say ‘come Salah, come Salah’.

“In our head, it was just ‘we need to win to make fun of Salah’.”

He continued: “After the end of the final, we passed the Liverpool players in the hallway. Salah was upset and [Luke] Modric said ‘try again next time’.”

Salah failed to correct his disappointment in 2018, facing a ruthless Thibaut Courtois net in Real. The Belgian made one of the biggest appearances, defending his side as many times as Liverpool tried to make their reign countable.

The 59th minute strike from Vinicius saw Real celebrate the final whistle, forcing Salah to wait a while for revenge.

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