Qatar 2022: The available FIFA World Cup tickets after receiving 40 million applications

2022 world cup Qatar

If you have not yet been able to purchase tickets for Qatar 2022 you should hurry because the Organizing Committee of the upcoming FIFA World Cup has already released the figures that would reveal the number of tickets for sale that are still available.

A FIFA World Cup is synonymous with emotion, excitement, hope, and joy, but also with drama, suspense and tension. Especially if time is running out and there is a desire to attend but tickets are not availableThe number of requests to enjoy Qatar 2022 has been tremendous, for example.

The overwhelming interest in the world of wanting to go live to the FIFA World Cup is justified, as this tournament, one of the most respected in the sports industry, puts its fans on a grueling four-year wait to enjoy it again.

As the November 21 deadline draws to a close, the chances of finding a place to be part of Qatar 2022 are dwindling and shrinking. Below you will find official information about the tickets available for the tournament, the number sold, the number of ticket applications, and, in addition, the number of tickets available in the third round of FIFA ticket sales.

How many tickets went on sale for the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022?

Within the framework of the Qatar Economic Forum, held in Doha from June 20 to 22, the Secretary-General of the Executive Committee of Heritage, Qatar Province, Hassan Al-Thawadi, shared official statistics on the next special FIFA World Cup. emphasis on the issue that worries the most fans right now: tickets available.

According to Al-Thawadi, a total of 3 million tickets was thought to have been awarded to Qatar 2022. However, of that amount, $ 1 million was not sold, as was intended by FIFA officials and World Cup sponsors, so fans are not. I will not be able to reach them.

Ticket demand for Qatar 2022

The remaining 2 million existing tickets have already been sold, according to figures shared by Al-Thawadi during the Qatar Economic Forum. This is done through a single official forum for access, regulated, and monitored by FIFA.

Following the two stages of official ticket sales scheduled for the forthcoming FIFA Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup, 40 million ticket applications have been received, distributed as follows: 17 million in the first round and 23 million in the second round. In other words fans’ interest in attending the tournament is growing and growing.

How many tickets are still available for sale to attend Qatar 2022?

The third round of FIFA ticket sales for the upcoming Qatar 2022 World Cup will begin soon, and this will be the last chance to win tickets to the prestigious tournament. The bad news for those who do not yet have tickets, or who would like to get more, is that it will be a real speed race.

From the outset, it should be noted that of the 40 million ticket applications, only the lowest percentage was received. To date, and according to figures from the Secretary-General of the Executive Committee of Inheritance, State of Qatar, Hassan Al-Thawadi, 1.2 million tickets have been sold so far.

Thus, in a statistical sense, if 2 million tickets were made available for sale to the general public of Qatar 2022 and 1.2 million were sold after two stages of official ticket sales, only 800,000 tickets would be available in the final sales window.

The first step in the official phase of official ticket sales will be the old one: as applications are received, visited, accepted, and rejected. There is no waiting period. This means that those who come first or who will be in line to get tickets for the upcoming FIFA World Cup will be the first to be offered.

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