Lionel Scaloni counts on ‘spirit of sacrifice’ for Argentina after Finalissima win


Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni has insisted his side can compete with any team in the World Cup, after their 3-0 win over Italy in the UEFA / CONMEBOL Finalissima at Wembley on Wednesday.

The Albicelestes were fierce in transition, chasing any chance to face it, with first-half goals from Lautaro Martinez and Angel Di Maria blocked in the second half by Paul Dybala.

Argentina have set a new national team record in the program, now going through 32 unbeaten games.

After winning the 2021 Copa America, Scaloni said that although his team is as strong as any other team heading to Qatar, success will only come in the air.

“What matters is the spirit of self-sacrifice, the struggle and the spirit of the party shown by the party, beyond the consequences,” he told ESPN Argentina. “What we want is to do well, we know what the team wants on the field.

“Maybe there is a lot of excitement [in public] because in football if you think it’s all done they put you down with a pen. We know we’re going to go to the World Cup to compete equally with any team.

“We believe that confidence in winning frees you from a lot of things, but we are not out of the team’s ability to block themselves at some point which is my concern, we have to be prepared in the event of a future. ”

The South American champions faced a difficult time as the game was suppressed despite having many possessions. Especially with Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria, they start living whenever space opens up.

Like their struggles towards the end of the World Cup qualifying round – which was eventually knocked out by North Macedonia – Italy looked unhealthy without Marco Verratti on the other hand, holding only one shot in the penalty area.

Sceloni admits the result contradicts some of the things that have played well for his team, but he is motivated by the same spirit that led the team to success in Brazil last year.

“I don’t know if it’s the best game we’ve ever played,” he said after the game. “In the first round I think they got us in trouble sometimes. We feel comfortable after that.

“I want every time we come together to be the same, united as we are now. The World Cup will be something else, with a different pressure. Now people enjoy it and it is the most important thing to us. . “

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