Lionel Messi debuts as an actor in a famous TV series

leo messi

Many footballers work as actors, but often as leaders in advertising. Their appearance is usually short and contains only a few sentences. However, seeing the players off the field does not cease to amaze us.

Due to his media presence, Leo Messi has appeared in numerous commercials for various companies.

From various food ads to Pepsi venues, or the recent Lay potato advertising campaign. And of course, it’s all about Adidas, his biggest sponsor.

The scene in which Messi will appear has already been shot

However, this footballer has already played a very different project than we usually see him in. He is now involved in a television series.

Leo Messi will make his debut for the second season of Argentina’s drama, Los Protectores, which is gaining ground in his homeland.

His incident has already been shot, and he ended it a few days ago. We know this because the pictures of the soccer player set were shared by the manufacturer himself.

We won’t be able to see the scene until 2023

The second season of ‘Los Protectores’ has been shot at various venues, including Buenos Aires, but Leo Messi recorded it in Paris, his home since signing with PSG last summer. We will have to wait until 2023 to see the meaning of Leo Messi when the second installment of the Argentine series is released.

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