Kylian Mbappe denies rumours of ordering Neymar and Mauricio Pochettino’s PSG exits


Kylian Mbappe has denied rumors that he has ordered the departure of at least 14 people involved with Paris Saint-Germain, including Neymar and manager Mauricio Pochettino.

Kylian Mbappe signed an amazing new contract with Parc des Princes last month and there were rumors that PSG had given him a keyword in their exchange business in an attempt to persuade him to continue – something Mbappe has already rejected.

While the Frenchman’s opinion may have been sought after on important issues, Kylian Mbappe laughed at allegations that he would be heavily involved, stressing that his job was simply to do it on the field.

However, reports have continued that Mbappe is in charge in Paris these days, with recent rumors suggesting the striker has highlighted 14 names he wanted to release this summer.

Responding to a Twitter post on the report, Mbappe simply said: “FAKE”.

That being said, PSG is working on a number of deals behind the scenes, one of which involves Pochettino’s future.

Sources confirmed that sporting director Leonardo is expected to leave the club and could be replaced immediately by Pochettino, with PSG looking at possible changes before making a final decision.

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