If any player sees a red card in Brazil vs Argentina match in September, will have to suffer in the World Cup

brazil vs Argentina

Whether the match will take place or not, but where it will take place, is still in doubt. FIFA has said that the World Cup qualifier between Brazil and Argentina, which was postponed last September, will be played on Brazilian soil in September this year. But Argentina has an objection to playing the match, the Brazil coach wanted the match to be on any field in Europe.

But in the end, wherever you are, the game comes with fears for Brazilian and Argentine players. If a Brazilian or Argentine player sees a red card in this match, he should be banned from the World Cup match!

The match between Brazil and Argentina went well in the World Cup qualifiers 2022 in Sao Paulo, Brazil in September last year. But four Argentine players who played for the England club hid details about the graduation rules when they entered Brazil, saying officials from Anvisa, a Sao Paulo health care provider, entered the stadium 5 minutes into the match. They wanted to get those four players off the field. But that did not happen in the end, and the sudden death of the game is there.

Apart from playing the match, Brazil and Argentina have already booked a place at the World Cup in Qatar 2022 as the top two teams in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in South America. Both teams have not lost in the remaining 16 games. The World Cup qualifiers are over. In such a situation, Argentina does not see the need to play the game.

Although Brazil did not say anything about it, their coach wanted to be in Europe for the match. Because, at a time when the European club season is about to begin, the Brazilian-Argentina players will have to endure a long journey from Europe to Brazil to play a ‘unnecessary’ game.

Sometimes the World Cup is during the club season in June-July, but this time it will be November-December between club seasons. That’s why the club season will be faster for this, there will be fewer breaks between games than before. But FIFA wants to keep the rules. That is why it was decided that the match would be held in Brazil. That match will take a few months before the start of the World Cup in Qatar.

But in this seemingly pointless game, Argentina’s TYC Sports website raises some concerns. If anyone sees a red card in this match they will have to work hard at the World Cup.

Citing Article 65 of the FIFA Code of Conduct, which came into effect in 2019, the TYC wrote that if a person sees a red card in a non-tournament match or if the ban does not apply to the tournament they see the card (which will end the World Cup qualifiers 2022. The ban will begin in the next official national team game.

After the Brazil-Argentina match in September, the next ‘official’ Brazil or Argentina match known by FIFA is in that World Cup! Argentina’s World Cup campaign will kick off with a match against Saudi Arabia, Brazil’s first World Cup match against Serbia.

In other words, if an Argentine player sees a red card against Brazil in September (unless something bad happens, the ban will be a one-match ban) as a penalty, the player will not be able to play Saudi Arabia in the World Cup. . And if Brazil sees a red card against Argentina, it will not be able to play Serbia.


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