FIFA World Rankings see Argentina rise but France slide

Argentian win Finalissima 2022

With five months to go for Qatar World Cup 2022, the latest FIFA World Rankings showcase a distinct South American feel on the top, with Brazil continuing to rule the roost.

For the first time in nearly five years, both Brazil and Argentina occupy spots in the top three.

Meanwhile, the winners of the 2018 World Cup France dropped to fourth place but stayed above England in fifth place. Lionel Messi’s side have won a four-match winning streak in the UEFA Nations League.

Germany advanced to the rankings but reached 11th place, making it four out of ten. Italy, in sixth place, is the top-ranked team that will not be at the World Cup in Qatar.

In the Top 10, the Netherlands moved up to 8th place. While Spain was ranked 6th, Denmark replaced Mexico with tenth. Italy (7th) and Portugal (9th) went down the stairs in one place each. Mexico is now ranked 12th.

Kazakhstan has made significant progress up to 11 places to be ranked 114th. Cuba climbed 10 places to 167th place, Malaysia by seven points to 147th place. Kosovo and Comoros received all-time top Ranking to be ranked 106th and 126th, respectively.

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