Bruno Fernandes believes Manchester United will return to ‘glorious days’

bruno fernandez

Bruno Fernandes believes Manchester United are on the right track in their rebuild but has admitted fans may have to wait another season before seeing the Red Devils at their best again.

Manchester United had a promising campaign of 2020/21 where they finished second in the Premier League and reached the UEFA Europa League final, but their progress was not delayed last season, recording their lowest points since 1990.

Bruno Fernandes is still a key player at Old Trafford and signed a new long-term contract back in April amid the club’s poor performances.

Speaking to Man Utd club channels, Fernandes agreed to sign the new deal because he believed the best days were yet to come for the English champions 20 times.

“I believe the club will return to where it should be, which is why I have signed a new contract.” For me, I had long discussions with the club, not about the contract but about the future of the club. club, because I want to be a part of that when I stay.

“The team wants to win, the club wants to build something. From what I’ve told you, I believe the team will get back to its level. It probably won’t be next season to the level we want, but I think step by step, the club will come back with good days.”

BrunoFernandes scored 10 goals – none from the penalty area – and six assistants in the Premier League last season and became the team’s second-highest scorer behind Cristiano Ronaldo.

The 27-year-old is still the only midfielder left in the squad after the departure of Juan Mata, although they hope to add Christian Eriksen to their list. The Danish midfielder is expected to announce his move to Old Trafford or stay in Brentford in the coming days.

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