Vinicius hopes to ‘keep making history for a long time’ after UEFA Champions League winner


Vinicius Junior hopes to win the first of many UEFA Champions League titles after helping Real Madrid become 14th European champions, beating Liverpool 1-0.

Vinicius was the only goal scorer in Saturday’s final in Paris, just short of a point after Luke Modric’s opening of Liverpool and freeing Federico Valverde to score in the 59th minute.

Another victory has won Madrid twice after taking the LaLiga title with four games to go in April.

This was special for Vinicius, however, as his victory in the  UEFA  Champions League, and he struggled to accept his success as he spoke to Movistar afterwards.

“It’s unclear. I don’t know what I did today,” he said. “Now to celebrate with great joy, we have enjoyed what we have done, come here and win … there is nothing better than winning this shirt.

“It was a dream for me. To get a goal in the final is the best thing a player can have. First. I want to keep winning and make history here for a long time.”

When Vinicius was young in this category, 36-year-old Modric was absent.

As the 2018 final against Liverpool in Kyiv, Modric was in the distance as the game progressed, unleashing the first waves of Reds’ power to end their pressure.

A key figure in the club’s run in the playoffs to make it to the Champions League final, and with the extension of the contract on the horizon, Modric also aims to continue winning.

“We still allow what we have done to sink,” he told Movistar. “This club is undoubtedly the greatest in the history of football. We always say that, and we have to repeat it – there is no such thing as Real Madrid.

“Character, never give up hope, you believe until the end. We did that today. Five Champions League was impossible to imagine. But now I have five, and I hope there will be more.”

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