PSG cannot be allowed to ‘destroy’ European football – LaLiga chief taking Ligue 1 champions to court over Kylian Mbappe

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LaLiga plans to take Paris Saint-Germain to court over Kylian Mbappe’s contract extension, with Javier Tebas insisting he will not “allow the European club to destroy the European football ecosystem”.

World Cup winner Kylian Mbappe was expected to join Real Madrid when his PSG contract expired in June but opted to sign a new three-year contract in the French capital.

That has left Real Madrid and LaLiga outraged, with Tebas calling the agreement between PSG and the French overseas player “an insult to football”.

Vincent Labrune, president of France’s Professional Football League (LFP), responded by asking “the recent attack on LaLiga official Tebas against Ligue 1 and one of our clubs”, calling his teammates’ behavior “absolutely inappropriate”.

The French National Union of Professional Footballers (UNFP) of France echoed Labrune’s words, suggesting that Tebas “was an angry, hateful, devoid of self-control or foundation, which brought shame and humiliation to him”.

But Tebas has also responded by promising to criticize PSG in the investigation as he asks how Ligue 1 champions can avoid guidelines for financial equity.

“The complaint we will lodge with UEFA has already been documented and investigated,” Tebas told a news conference on Tuesday.

“But we will not stop there, we will go to France, we will already hire French lawyers and we will criticize PSG’s position in front of the economic governing body.

“We will condemn this situation in court. We will not allow a European club to destroy the European football ecosystem.”

Tebas also claimed that PSG had “lost 300-400 million euros in the last three seasons”, citing reports from the French newspaper L’Equipe as he continued his poignant summary with the people of Paris.

“This year – L’Equipe says, not me – PSG will rise to € 600m in fines, ending the season with a loss of 300 million euros and more trade money than Manchester United, Real Madrid and Barca, unbelievable, ”He added.

“With this loss and payroll of 600 million euros, in addition to Madrid, rather than Barca, renewing Kylian Mbappe is impossible … if there is no fraud in sponsoring or donating higher money to what UEFA has established.”

Regarding Labrune’s previous response, Tebas insisted he would not comment before and question Qatar Sports Investments’ (QSI) ownership.

“The problem is the attitude of the club owners because they have no boundaries, they don’t care about losing,” he said.

“They put in a lot of money at will, and they cheat you with government-linked sponsors. That’s the problem.”

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